No holiday is well spent should you not take part in the many excursions we offer at ALAKA at Maafushi. We have daily trips and regular tours for you to enjoy and feel what the real beauty and the varieties of enjoyment Maldives has to offer. Detailed information is available at the front desk with timings, when and from where to book for what trips. Take no risks do take part and experience Maldives to the fullest you can so as not to regret later on. Here are some of the excursions we offer…

14Uninhabited Island Trips.

You get to go to a desert Island and spend the day to yourself with no locals so that you will get your privacy while on vacation with us. Do everything just by yourself but we will provide you with food and drinks and the required for the trip.



Snorkel the clear lagoons of Maafushi or nearby Islands or the sandbank with our expert local guides. You get to watch the abundance of colorful marine life. A memory you can take home and share with those at home for generations to come.



As 99% of Maldives is sea, the inhabitants down under the land are the majority. You get to experience the underwater life of our seas from the colors to the friendly creatures and you get to capture them on your cameras for a memory too.


10Dolphin Watching.

Our elders tell us that the Maldivian dolphins follows the sun on sunrise and sunset. Everyday you can see them schools of dolphins swimming in the ocean and yes swimming straight at the sun. A breathtaking experience to enjoy out on the sea.


9Local Fishing.

For generations Maldivians have relied on fishing as an occupation or as a way of sportsmanship. Why not experience the traditional way of earning a living by the Maldivians. You will be accompanied by the best on this traditional work day.


6Island Discovery.

Every Maldivian island has it’s own history and folk stories. Join a discovery trip around Maafushi or any of the nearby local islands. You will get to listen and ask about the history and the folk stories of the Islands from the islanders straight.


8Male’ Tour.

Your chance to experience the nearby capital city. A guide will accompany you on a historical tour of Maldives (museum, mosques and historical sites). Or just take the opportunity to do some shopping for a memory or a present to take home.


7Night Fishing.

Mostly fishing at night is for the youngsters of the Island and it’s done when you are in need of a different taste of fish than the daily caught Tuna. You catch reef fish after sun down and we will BBQ the catch for the dinner. How fresh you can eat.


5Sand Bank Trips.

Visit the little sandbank nearby for the day. You will get to swim in the lagoon or even snorkel the outer reef too. All alone right in the middle of the sea for complete peace and privacy and no one else around as long as you want to be.


4Day Trips to Resorts Nearby.

A visit to a huge list of nearby resort islands to choose from, just in case your curiosity has been piqued. A totally different experience for you and even beverages normally restricted in the local islands will be available here if you wish to partake.


3Romantic Dinner.

A romantic dinner for two could be yours if you wish to spend some quality time with your loved one alone. Under the candle light and the soft glow of the moon and stars, serenaded by the smooth sound of the waves playing against the shoreline.


2Beach BBQ.

What better way to end an exciting day then to cap it with a barbeque on the sandy beaches. A campfire dinner under the sky should provide sufficient and appropriate illumination as you relax on the beach with your friends partner or family.


1Romantic Sailing.

A local sail boat trip to enjoy the company of each other at sun-rise or sunset. The fiery sunsets and golden sunrises are sure to take your breath away, as the entire horizon lights up before your eyes while you rest in the arms of your loved one.